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For Richer or Poorer


"Don't challenge the devil, sweetheart, if you can't handle hell."

The plan was simple: Find a wife. Get married. Produce an heir.
Simple, yes. That doesn’t mean Brian has to like it. He reluctantly agrees to his sister’s drastic measure of placing a ‘wife-for-hire’ ad.
What he doesn’t expect to find is a smart-mouthed, infuriating woman who makes him think of sixty-nine other things he wants to do with her, and marrying her isn’t one of them.

Eshana is far from Brian’s idea of a perfect wife, and their five-minute interview ends with ‘arrogant ass’ right before she storms out of his boardroom.
But the universe isn’t quite done with them yet. Their paths cross, sinfully so and with each meet, the sexual tension burns hotter than a volcano about to erupt.

Only, Brian’s resolve to get the feisty beauty into his bed, hits a curveball when Eshana’s enticing pencil skirt and high heels now comes with the title: Your newly hired assistant.

How much temptation can a man endure before he’s allowed to take his employee across her desk?

Oh, make my heart swoon! What a great love story, full of action, passion and deceit! I enjoyed this romance thoroughly. Ashni and Avinash had great chemistry and the sassy banter brought more than one chuckle. Great read!

Kristal Dawn


This writer is new to me but I really enjoyed this book. I had a little getting used to the names of the characters.
It has passionate scenes , Humour it made me giggle it has suspense, a strong woman and a handsome confident rich man.
It has everything a great romantic suspense book should have.