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Their attraction undeniable…Their love illicit

Ashni Scott Callahan is a tough as nails detective with no time for love. She’s taken down drug lords, human traffickers and diamond smugglers. So going undercover is as easy as eating a slice of pie. That is until she has to spy on sexy billionaire, Avinash Rai. Could a potential criminal be this delicious? One slice, she soon discovers is not enough, she wants to lick the whole damn plate.

Avinash Rai, hardworking billionaire, takes what he wants when he wants, but prides himself on honesty. He’s a man women don’t ignore, that is until a sexy stranger visits his usual hangouts without so much as a glance in his direction. Intrigued, he’s up for the challenge. Only, nothing prepares him for her spirited personality or their intense attraction.

Will Ashni surrender to the man’s charms and jeopardize her case? Will Avinash finally understand his father’s motto: in life, you win some, you lose some and then you fall in love? And will he be able to forgive Ashni’s lies?

She fought the swoon and settled for frankness. “Your charm, Mr. Rai, is anything but unadulterated. Men like you, are entrenched in the age-old tradition where women are meant to be used and abused. You take what’s offered without the slightest insight as to the person you’re about to bed and then when you tire, you discard them as though they were nothing more than tattered clothes. Rather than regaling her with ludicrous compliments, why don’t you try honesty, it sure as hell works. Frankly, I prefer a man telling me to my face he wants to sleep with me instead of feeding me a load of crap about how beautiful I am, just to get into my panties.”

Whoa, girl, where did that come from? She watched him intently. His face an indistinct mask of surprise or admiration. She couldn’t tell. Maybe he wasn’t prepared for a woman’s lack of etiquette, which she’d unloaded with no tact whatsoever. Geez, she had to learn to control her tongue.