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WHOLLY MATRIMONY (Book 1 - To Have & To Hold Series)

A Second Chance

She wants a divorce. He wants her back.

Three years ago, billionaire heiress, Jiya Malhotra married stripper Aiden Grayson in a quick, unexpected Vegas wedding. However, her arrival back in South Africa with a husband in tow puts not just the spanner in her father’s marriage plans for her, but the whole damn toolbox.

An argument ensues between her father and Aiden who walks out and takes Jiya’s broken heart with him.

Now, she’s ready to tie the knot again, but her missing husband stands in her way. Messages to Aiden go unanswered until his sudden appearance back in town leaves her breathless, wanton, and conflicted.

Aiden agrees to sign the divorce papers, on one condition—Jiya allows him to walk her down the aisle. Only, that depends entirely on how well she can evade his sensual manipulation, both physically and mentally.

Will Jiya succumb once more to the wiles of this six-foot-something of walking sin?

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