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REIGNS TO HER HEART (Book 2 - Fire & Ice Series)

She’s afraid to love…He’ll teach her how.

Reece Bentley is a self-confessed playboy. He dictates the rules of how when and why. That is, until a one-night stand with a sexy, sassy stranger leaves him mystified, breaking his own rules and craving more.

Three years ago, Aria Singh finally had enough and walked out on an abusive husband. Her retribution ended in a one-night stand with a fiery stranger. Now, with her past safely behind her, she’s built a new life solely for her and her daughter. Fate, however, has other plans in store for her when a blast from her past, rocks up at her door with the wrong set of cabin keys.

Firmly of the opinion he’s in cahoots with her husband, she isn’t prepared to accept his explanations, no matter how sincere he appears.

Baffled by the stirrings of his own heart, Reece isn’t prepared to lose his mystery woman a second time.

Will Aria give in to the sexual storm brewing amid the Wyoming icy blizzard? Can Reece make Aria believe that this playboy can love deeply and be the one to reign as king of her heart?

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