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Stepbrother Age Gap Romance

Skye You know those romance stories where the groom cheats on the bride with her best friend just before their wedding. Well, I happened to be that other woman. Don’t judge. I had my reasons for letting my best friend fuck me over the altar seconds before he was due to tie the knot. After, I straightened his suit, walked him down the aisle, and just before he could say I do, I did the only thing I could. I ran. Taking our secret with me. Now, six years later, in a place I never thought he’d find me, he does. Shay I was twelve when she crawled into my life, stealing my heart. What I didn’t know then, was that she’d keep it forever, something we weren’t allowed. Then I fucked up and took her virginity seconds before I was about to wed another. After, she calmly kissed my cheek and left me with three simple words. See you soon. That was six years ago. Now I found her again, I know second chances exists for a reason. To remind me she was always mine.

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